Balzac’s celebrates partnership with RGC Coffee and Las Rosas Women’s Group

September 11, 2019

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters is celebrating its first year of partnership with RGC Coffee and the Las Rosas Women’s Group, driving important change and development within the industry and the Las Rosas association. The partnership milestone is significant as Balzac’s continues to blaze a trail in the Canadian coffee roasting industry — offering sustainable, innovative and conscionable products to its customers while aligning itself with meaningful social projects.

The Las Rosas Women’s Group is an association of over 400 Colombian women aimed at prioritizing gender equality. The project focuses on coffee production improvement while providing Colombian women with the opportunity to take on leadership positions on coffee farms.

Grown, picked and processed by the women of Las Rosas, Balzac’s stocks the dynamic and flavourful Las Rosas blend — a product with a story, so their customers can savour their favourite cup of coffee in a much deeper way. Click here to continue reading.