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50 Daily Cups of coffee Honoré de Balzac

What did Honoré de Balzac Think After Each Cup of Coffee?

July 16, 2015

Back before the first Balzac’s opened, President and Founder Diana Olsen was highly influenced by the story and words of French playwright Honoré de Balzac. What may be half-legend, half-truth, the story remains the same; his writing was fuelled by copious cups of coffee. Read more about the inspiration.

Did Honoré de Balzac drink 50 cups of coffee a day?

On most nights, Balzac was said to have consumed up to 50 cups of coffee. In this quick-witted piece of satire by Brendan O’Hare, he predicts what the famous playwright was thinking after each consecutive cup.

No. 1: Ah! What a great way to start my day, by drinking a cup of delicious hot coffee.

No. 2: Coffee two, down the ol’ hatch and into my stomach!

No. 3: I love writing, but I also love drinking fifty cups of coffee every single day.

Read all 50 hilarious thoughts on The New Yorker’s Daily Shouts here:

“What I Assume Honoré de Balzac Thought After Drinking Each of His Fifty Daily Cups Of Coffee.”




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