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July 17, 2015

 With the introduction of our mobile payment app, buying a coffee couldn’t be easier.

“We are excited to be providing our customers with a more convenient payment method than ever before, combining payment and loyalty into a single smartphone app transaction,” says Balzac’s owner Diana Olsen.

Mobile Payment & Loyalty Rewards in One App

The Balzac’s app is created by SmoothPay and eliminates the need to dig for cash or look for a loyalty card; it combines mobile payment with our loyalty program. The sign-up process is easy, fast and customers can check their loyalty rewards earned in real-time. Credits are deducted automatically at the time of payment and the app is available for the iPhone and on Android.

As a thank you for downloading our app, users are given a $2 one-time discount that can be used once at every one of our 11 locations. Also, get rewarded with a $3 credit after spending $50 in our cafés.

Customers use SmoothPay “in-store” by presenting the pay screen to a small-sleek terminal operated by the participating businesses. The technology operates through a unique QR code that securely identifies the payment details.

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