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Loyalty Program

Balzac’s App benefits

$2 credit to spend the first time used at each café.
Get $3 credit per 50 points earned.
Pay using credit card, paypal, or Balzac’s gift card.
Displays fastest route to all locations.
Coming soon: Order Ahead.

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  1. 1. How do I get a benefit on an online order?

  2. Coming soon.

  3. 2. My mobile phone plan doesn't have texting. What now?

  4. For security reasons the Balzac’s App requires each account to validate the associated phone number upon registering. At this time, the code can only be sent via SMS. We are working to incorporate an automated phone call option as another way of validating your phone number. Stay tuned! If you require assistance with activating your account because you did not receive an SMS code please email us at

  5. 3. Why will the App not download on my phone?

  6. The Balzac’s App supports iOS software version 8 and on, Android software version 4.1 and on (including Blackberry devices capable of running Android 4.1 and latest). You may need to update your phone to the latest version.

  7. 4. I don't see the reward section on the app. Where on the app are the points scanned or collected?

  8. Your reward progress bar can be viewed by accessing any Balzac’s Café location listing on the app. A bar will indicate how far you are away from your target “Spend” in order to receive an automatic discount.

    To begin collecting loyalty you must add a method of payment to your app which will generate a QR code. A barista will scan your app’s QR code at the time of purchase at any of our Cafés.

  9. 5. What if I do not want to give permission to the app to link purchases to a credit card, nor to PayPal?

  10. The newest version of the App now allows you to load a gift card on to the App.

  11. 6. How do I use the App when I pay with Cash?

  12. Our App designer is working on this functionality and we will let you know when it is available.

    For now, enjoy the 10% discount when you show your loyalty card. This will be in effect until January 31, 2018 at which time we expect the App to be updated to include this functionality.

  13. 7. Can I only use the App if I'm paying by credit card, paypal or gift card?

  14. Currently the Balzac’s App supports Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Visa Debit. The ability to collect loyalty through the app with a cash/debit card payment and gift card will be available in the near future

  15. 8. Can I disable Location Services?

  16. Enabled Location Services are essential for the app to recognize which Balzac’s Cafés are closest to you in order to provide a more customized experience for you. Every customer has a choice to opt out of allowing access to Location Services.

  17. 9. Can I pre-load money in advance on the app?

  18. The Balzac’s App is not a pre-load model, because we care about the security of your hard-earned money. You may add your Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, or Visa Debit as a form of payment in the app. You may also add a Gift Card to your app which will be pre-loaded with a dollar amount. We also let our clients set up PayPal as a default payment type.