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Deeply rooted in the traditional European artistry of hand-crafted coffee roasting, Balzac’s roasts the finest selection of high grown Arabica beans in single 35 kilogram batches with the eco-friendly Loring Smart Roaster, reducing energy consumption and green house gas emissions by up to 80% compared to a conventional Roaster.

Each varietal is carefully roasted to a degree that will preserve and enhance its inherent and unique qualities. Our roasting style reflects the insight and philosophy of the Slow Food Movement, which we believe has a strongly discernible effect on the resulting taste and quality of our coffees.


PALE ROAST Holding back on the temperature and time of the roast cycle creates interesting and surprising flavour characteristics. Distinctly clean and effervescent in taste, this roast produces a delightful cup of coffee with subtle hints of citrus and cinnamon.

AMBER ROAST In pushing the roast to a slightly darker shade, caramel and cocoa notes are added to the flavour profile. This appealing roast maintains a balance of acidity and body, resulting in a smooth and satisfying brew.

STOUT ROAST Going at full throttle, these beans are literally getting “smoked” in the roasting drum, bringing flavourful oils directly to the surface. The richness and fullness of body command your attention and complement any decadent pairing.

MARBLE ROAST™ Balzac’s premiere and proprietary technique, Marble Roast™ marries all three signature roasts into one incredible blend. The resulting effect creates a veritable celebration of flavour in your cup.

“Savour a brew that’s rich with historical antecedents ...deep, dark and full with flavour to rival the best on the continent.”  globe and mail

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